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  • Kendra Miranda


Let's face it, all of life is composed of endless questions of which we wade through life answering, or leaving unanswered. The common denominator- we all have more questions unanswered than we have answered. However, in the critical time of the teen years, as identity is formed, beliefs are questioned, and major life transitions take place, it is hard to ask just the right questions that lead us into confidence, certainty, and positive identity formation.

Kara Powell

In her book, 3 Big Questions that Shape Your Future, Kara Powell brings us a powerful 60 day devotional that helps all teenagers answer the three most important questions of life. These three questions are the foundation for all the other questions that are to come. While everyone is struggling to get it all figured out, you may just be stepping forward into a foundation of questions that will greatly launch you forward! Lets break it down.

3 Big Questions that Shape Your Future

  • Who Am I?

  • Where Do I Fit in?

  • What Difference Can I make?

As you enter the New Year, maybe the catalyst for this year isn't trying to bring about a #NewYearNewMe, but instead to find guidance through answering these three questions as God leads you.

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